How To Get Free Diamonds | KTG

If you are in this page, you already knows the rules to participate in the giveaway. So there is one more thing you need to know. That is how we are gonna to pick the giveaway winner. From the list of participants we will pick only one player randomly. That player was anounced as a KTG giveaway winner. That player will receive that anounced diamonds. So that is the method we used to pick the giveaway winner.

Incase if you landed on this page after the giveaway was ended. Don’t worry do search the channel. KTG in youtube. Then you will find our official channel. Do subscribe our channel by clicking the red color subscribe button. At the same time do choos all in the bell icon to get our next giveaway anouncement.

Just check our giveaway playlist in our playlist tab to get latest giveaway anouncements and so on. We also upload some other videos like kill montages, live, and so on. So support us to keep on doing that by your subscription. By clicking the join now button you will get into the form filling page after fill the form and submit you have joined into the participents list.