About Us

Hey there what’s up, I hope you all good and well. I’m a serious gamer. Always playing games. So i had read and watch so many articles and videos to achive mastery in my gameplay. Still i am trying to achieve mastery in my gameplay. While searching about that, i have learned so many new things and stratergies. I like to share all my skills and stratergies to you all to let you know those.

To make it public, I and my team have created a website called by the name of KTG Esports. And publishing all our thoughts to let you know. It was freee of cost and all you can get the tips and tricks. That was need to improve your gameplay. More over that, I am an youtuber. As a youtuber i need to spread my ideas around the world. So for now, we have jump into websites, And keep on pushig every thing to public.

MY aim is to let my stratergies of attacking enemies to know others. That may help other to improve their gameplay and gaming skils. More over that, It also let me learn more tricks and stratergies from the subscribers by commenting their stratergies in the commend section. Not it only let me learn, But also to learn other user. They can even get ideas while reading the comments.

My vission is to make every free fire and other online gamers want to know the stratergies at any way. And my mission is to work hard to achieve my vission. That is what my vission and mission. I hope that i achieve my vission to possible one day. With a support from you all. So, keep supporting me and my thoughts.